ZS System


A model satisfying all the constraints of hospital life.
Specifically adapted, with its removable arms.

The zipped cover can be used as a duvet.

Sliding front opening mechanism.

High strength steel structure, epoxy varnish metallic grey.

Polythene coated electro welded orthopaedic bed bases.

High resiliency polyurethane foam mattress, 35 kg density, 195 cm long, 14 cm thick.

ZS System

Patented and FCBA 3500 tested mechanism

Overall dimensions (in cm)

Fauteuil lit

Depth 95 cm closed
195 cm open
Width 70 cm = 72 cm overall
80 cm = 82 cm overall
90 cm = 92 cm overall
Height 44 cm seat
87 cm total

For custom-made requests