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Tessali, sofa and chair bed expert for tourist accommodation and hospitals

Our Story

Almost 20 years ago, Denis Ollier, then procurement manager of the tourist residence specialist Citadines, became head of Tessali, a company created in the 1960s by Mr Pourchet and Ms Kauffman. “I used to buy them sofas”, explains the former customer, now general manager of the firm. “Mr Pourchet was 65 and wanted to retire, so he offered me to take over the company.” Tempted by entrepreneurial adventure, Denis Ollier accepted the challenge. And immediately decided to set Tessali on a new course. The company left the consumer market, where competition was rife, to focus on the high-end segment, first in the lodging industry, a sector Denis Ollier was quite familiar with, having worked in it for the past 20 years. This new strategy proved successful… but the ambitious new manager already had other plans for the future. Since then, Tessali has developed its line for medical institutions. And the recipe works so well that Denis Ollier is now thinking of international growth.

From design and manufacturing to sales, the company based in Nemours controls all the stages of the high-end sofa bed chain, almost made to measures. Tessali makes its own exclusive mechanisms. The company buys its foam and mattresses from the best suppliers in their field. Its research department ensures that its products are adapted to its clients’ every need, no matter how specific. It creates and develops its own models and provides expert counsel in fabric selection. Finally, Tessali ensures in-room delivery, as well as follow-up services that extend well after the end of the guaranty.

Our assets


Room size, respect of the institution’s style, customer profile… our clients are subject to constraints, that we identify together and deal with one by one. We then keep the dialogue going at each step of the process. And keep in touch long after the product has been delivered…


For quality sleep, we select thick mattresses, a soft and aerated foam and an orthopaedic bed base. For quality materials, we chose a high resistance steel frame and foam that is easy to fold, but with a good response. All characteristics that guarantee our products’ durability.

Patented systems

Our three patented systems (ZS, Opla, et Tessa 1000) have shown no signs of weakness since they were first invented, in the 1990s. We are the only ones to be able to offer them to our clients.